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2501 days ago


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Emsyphine 2386 days ago

You are so lucky! I love mac products, everything about them is perfection.

Chris93Wallace 2444 days ago

you've finally been invited to Apple, it must have been terribly interesting. No need to ask if you enjoyed it really, the picture says more than enough.

KatTomkins 2450 days ago

That's not Isaac Newton, it's Albert Einstein! (Quite a bland shade of purple isn't it? (Green with envy though))

06awilliams 2464 days ago

loving the excitement there mr. fry and very nice jacket

CiaraMaryAlice 2465 days ago

You Must Love Apple Like A Fat Kid Loves Cake. And I'm Loving The Messy Dressy Hairstyle. So s/s '10.

elenaizvolensky 2479 days ago

absolutely love your nose, Stephen! you look lovely here!(;-)))

ant71175 2485 days ago

patience is a virtue people, i can't wait for he i-robot or the i-carly or the i-claudius or the i-candy or indeed the much anticipated i-aye yippie aye aye!!!!

Uralterego3 2487 days ago

I can't afford Apple products =(
Would you autograph your pass and send it to me? LOL Or a Head-shot? E-mail me for my address. =) P.S. I absolutely LOVE you on Bones!!

LadyLoveDisdain 2496 days ago

Aww, bless you! That's like me with my latest Doctor Who magazine...

jefffyke 2498 days ago

Very Nice!

cjmwinkels 2499 days ago

I must get the name of your tailor.

pooh1978 2500 days ago

You look so happy - thats nice)))

pattianne70 2500 days ago

Your happy face makes me smile. :)

Royksopp17 2500 days ago

well done sir, i hope you got it signed by Jobs.

gingerninja 2500 days ago

you look like you are in geekstasy and I cannot say I blame you. Hugely jealous.

GertrudeSusanne 2501 days ago

Read about the launch of iTablet this morning at 5am and could not help thinking of you *blush* Lovely pictures, lovely smile! Ta. Alles Gute & TTFN. GSx

Famoozewatje 2501 days ago

Q: why are you sitting in the "old" people row?

LovesanSFryup 2501 days ago

special indeed!:P

LovesanSFryup 2501 days ago

special indeed!:P

LovesanSFryup 2501 days ago

special indeed!:P