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2040 days ago


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Moo522 1877 days ago

The iPad is genius!

olympichammer 2040 days ago

as i complete novice with anything tecnical will this device work for me

gromerozen 2040 days ago

But does it have usb or support flash? No! Mega fail again Apple

LovesanSFryup 2040 days ago

but does it make the tea?

DragonflyDaze 2040 days ago

Mini me...

BigKarlUK 2040 days ago

Should have got you stephen to do the voices for it could have called it the QIPad ;-)

AndyBirkinshaw 2040 days ago

if you hold it up to your ear it will have look like you have shrunk...

rowemag 2040 days ago

To be precise, any way you slice it, the iPad device is so nice and concise it will entice you to sacrifice to pay its price...

VesselinaTP 2040 days ago

..mmm just 1,5 pounds...and 0,5 inches...

RadiumX 2040 days ago

LOL! what will they ever think of next! oh yes an ITampon to match the Ipad! God!!! i'm such the Nerd! NERD i tell you!

6Emmy6 2040 days ago

i pad..its the original prototype for the i phone!! hence the size. been in someones desk draw since 1999. shhesh

nrepka 2040 days ago

iPad, huh? Can I swim with it? (lame, I know) :P

NormaKoning 2040 days ago

Have no idea what it is, but sure looks impressive! :)

Rather_Odd 2040 days ago

holy gwakmoley im jolly jealous of you :L


that looks scratchworthingly dangerous to look after!!!! i may have to get extra insurance again.

sebastianflyte 2040 days ago

iPaddington! :) raaaaa

frogst 2040 days ago

wowowow! you've provided me with my very first glimpse of the beast, thanks Stephen!

KChavda 2040 days ago

Umm, iPad?

Dumplin75 2040 days ago

Oooh Aaaw

Fryphile 2040 days ago

iPad?! Since when is Apple going into femine hygiene?