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2261 days ago


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natazz__ 2097 days ago

They nicked our Tyne Bridge! GOD DAMN IT!

dinky2blue 2162 days ago

how to make the little people move faster!

AshleyBazSivorn 2179 days ago

I live in Castle Hill, north-west of Sydney. Such a great place to be

DavidBUtley 2208 days ago

Touch screen docking, what will they think of next?

beyoustaytrue 2252 days ago

Helen, do you mean the little Royal Copenhagen ice cream stall near where the ferries are? Oh, they're to die for aren't they? How gay am I sounding there? lol

guywalters 2258 days ago

The bridge is lovely, but it doesn't need to be 'Siegheiled'....

helenwakefield 2260 days ago

ill be there soon! the ice cream place near there is amazing!

nurturinglife 2260 days ago

I'm sure I ate Skippy there a few years ago. The view was lovely, weather fantastic. I'm vegetarian now, Wales can't compare. :)

simon1662 2260 days ago

Cafe Sydney in Customs House at Circular Quay? – did you try the oysters and eschallot (fabbo!)
Although that looks too bloody hot to me!
Glad I'm here in crazy lovely London (my home town Sydney can wait 12 months for me!)

SheilaPotter 2260 days ago

It's Runcorn Suspension Bridge!

galatea_now 2260 days ago

Hmmm, life is unfair :( I want too!!!

ma_donna 2260 days ago

mmmmmm hot hot hot and like me mr fry you always seem to have your glass half full :)

_Cube_ 2260 days ago

The man on the right is pointing atmy house. "If you go 886 km that way..."

beyoustaytrue 2260 days ago

I was there last year. A group of us watched in horror as a cruise ship sailed underneath the bridge and it looked from where we were (by Luna Park) that it was going to hit it at any moment. The oooohs and aaaahs were comical.

ashley_fereiro 2260 days ago

Oh Wow.

Australia is getting increasingly attractive lately.


ashley_fereiro 2260 days ago

Oh Wow.

I am very jealous, Australia is getting increasingly attractive lately.


emlet 2261 days ago

You're in Newcastle ;-))

tezzer57 2261 days ago

Ahhh i was there in November, really getting withdrawl now, but i love that view of Newcastle Stephen :)

VIPVirtualSols 2261 days ago

I was away from Oz for 2.5 years, having just returned for good. It wasn't till I crossed that bridge above did I REALLY feel like I was home. ;)

GeordieKat 2261 days ago

That's most def sitting on the Baltic enjoying the view over Newcastle - where did you hide the other bridges?! Mind I don't remember it being that sunny yesterday. =P