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2955 days ago


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peterabbid 2578 days ago

i think you should come back to australia, to melbourne.. preferably my house :)

Anti_blondine 2600 days ago

Yay! The Sydney Opera House! A beautiful piece of architecture by my fellow countryman, the danish Jørn Utzon. Great picture, Stephen!

soulsong4ever 2911 days ago

Oh dear you were in Sydney and I didnt know? I live just at the far end of that pic.( manly) xx ps love ALL your pics.Urlooking wonderful!

Becca_101 2917 days ago

I miss Australia :( went when my sister was living there, just a beautiful country!

Smoothman 2928 days ago

I soooooo want to visit this lovely country...and visit the cousins I've never met!

R_L_B 2930 days ago


arkay62 2936 days ago

Apologies. This makes my previous question seem rather silly.

humiliatdgrape 2947 days ago

I've worked out this must have been taken from The Sebel hotel in the rocks.... hence attending the Sydney Theatre? *isn't a stalker*. If so, this is one of my favourite places in Sydney. Good choice, Stephen.

neiceythomas 2948 days ago

argh - my beautiful home town. I havent been back for two years - stuck in this godforsaken London in the middle of winter.
I think this is the hotel with the pool on the roof.

custardlove 2949 days ago

Were you staying in the Rocks? I can't think where you would be to get this shot? Unless it's that swanky place that Hutchinson died at.

RichardsonBen 2951 days ago

Isn't this actually a water bear/tardigrade Stephen?

Cpaterson1 2952 days ago

Fantastic pic, seen the one on your web site recently, very crowded gadget desk!! Do you think I should stay PC or take the plunge and go Mac??? Would love your advice

djardine2520 2954 days ago

Careful! I think I see the fin of a great white in the wake of that ship.

ellisnadler 2954 days ago

I'm half expecting to see a Quantas airbus bobbing on the waves

Valenka 2954 days ago

NEMO! :3

franklinmoore 2954 days ago

I take it that you're not staying at the local YMCA hostel with that view! Ha

drjules 2954 days ago

Had excellent meal in the restaurant in 2001. Impressive inside too.
Lucky you.

nahatsu 2954 days ago

Great shot of Sydney Harbour...another old favourite area of Sydney, wish I could hop on that Ferry right now . . .

Caz963 2954 days ago

Such a fantastic view. Am *very* jealous!

marcuscoleman 2954 days ago

Those six fin shark look very scary, careful when swimming Mr Fry :)