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2990 days ago


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lagerlady 2940 days ago

Hi Stephen, will you follow me please, been catching up on all your pictures there great, im just new on twitter, oh by the way i love you on QI xx

ArtistLaLa 2946 days ago

waving back.

annlise 2963 days ago

Sigh, sigh, harumph! very jealous!

Smoothman 2963 days ago

Whats wrong with the beaches in yes...there aren't any, poo sticks!

sallyann14 2965 days ago

and whats wrong with skeggy beach??

boredacious 2972 days ago

ahhh Felixstowe.

MichaelHeppell 2974 days ago

Was this pic taken from 'The Bergs'? Fond memories.

SusanPAus 2989 days ago

Glad you're enjoying Australia. If you can, get down to Finger Wharf Woolloomoloo and Harry's Cafe de Wheels - albeit Kingley's et al may pull you!

_Cube_ 2989 days ago

Not a patch on the view from my place. Sorry, smug bastard moment.

peekay21 2989 days ago

Not a patch on Blackpool...

drjules 2989 days ago

Nice sea, fine beach - shame about th buildings.

Cubachik 2989 days ago

Thanks- a lovely shot. I shall warm myself by it whilst layering to walk my poodle. We are all bundled up as if to rob banks here in NYC...cheers!

jensview 2989 days ago

Oh wow! I want to go there. I've just emigrated to NZ so I'm looking forward to holidays in Aussie in the future. I love your tweets and pics!

njss25 2989 days ago

I have to say that I think Bondi is highly over rated! (sorry) :( Check out the beaches in Newcastle while your there....awesome :)

nahatsu 2989 days ago

I love this photo... we lived in North Bondi for years...a 5 min walk to the beach ~ This is fabulous!

jamest99 2989 days ago

Very nice!

levis0mnous 2990 days ago

ooo pretty!!!

khaitea 2990 days ago

Have you seen the aboriginal carvings nearby? Mind out for golfballs.

1bigh 2990 days ago

absolutely beautiful -- nice post!

claireoconnell 2990 days ago

I used to live near there, it's gorgeous! Try out the cliff walk to Bronte, it's stunning