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2991 days ago


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Lindacoggs 2861 days ago

No luv staff canteen's down the hall.

ArtistLaLa 2949 days ago

They have had a run in the loo can I have that paper please, thank you.

lizziemade 2952 days ago

I'd like steak pie and chips, please!

femurnail 2968 days ago

Harold Twiddlethwite (Inventor) unveils his new creation, the crick in the neck menu.

tarqez 2968 days ago

Party in my mouth.... feeling

tarqez 2968 days ago

You had dinner at Quay.... did you enjoy it???? A chef once told me that most chefs are great at entrées as they are smaller and you can play around with the flavours more... I think Quay does intense flavours well.... Leaves you with that Party in my mo

hebo69 2972 days ago

Just a snack then for that price??

ManlyMoustache 2973 days ago

The lamb surely wins by a country mile. I wonder what the difference is between a country mile and a regular mile =S

Fryphile 2979 days ago

Sorry, I don't eat anywhere where they don't have pictures of the food on the menus.

montagfire 2981 days ago

Do you eat all of it?

J5V 2982 days ago

Font spotter: This menu uses the first (and default) font on CorelDraw's font list: Avant Garde. Sheesh, you'd expect a decent menu design for that price :o)

gjhsu 2991 days ago

Most of that stuff looks yummy, but especially that 8 texture chocolate cake...

pixel8ted 2991 days ago

Oh noms! I love degustation menus. Was this at Tetsuya's?

pixel8ted 2991 days ago

Oh noms! I

stephenfrygirl 2991 days ago

Jaysus, you'd think they'd print them the right way up, so as not only the people with strained-necks could read them.

schel 2991 days ago

you passed up my offer of a home cooked meal of my lasagne for this?

captainrobs 2991 days ago

so... no chips then?

PerseusBlakeney 2991 days ago

That is silly food. I hope it was amazing for that price!

qukatt 2991 days ago

I have no words for how much i want to eat those desserts

lawriej 2991 days ago

Where's the trifle?