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2959 days ago


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Lindacoggs 2829 days ago

My gallstone resembles 2nd right.

DavidBUtley 2908 days ago

Planetart allignment with supernove background, observed from a silver spacecraft.

maureenoconnell 2910 days ago

Nouveaux cusine?

LlinosHR 2914 days ago

something you'd eat in a bushtucker trial, a marble, a dodgy brown thing and a lollipop without the stick .. and I bet they all cost a bomb! laaarvely!

ArtistLaLa 2917 days ago

What a load of balls.

gorgeousjo 2920 days ago

so this is how youve lost all that weight! can you get them in Asda?

Pauliewalnut 2920 days ago

my grandads gallstones looked a bit like these. just before he had them shot out during WW1...or it might have been cholesterol.

Alan_Payne 2920 days ago

nice balls Stephen

jbrobbins1 2920 days ago

Appears to be caviar

Jenbatticus 2920 days ago

nice, circle shaped food.
I'm not entirely sure what any of them are.. :S
Anyway, it is a delightful picture :)

Mammabat 2921 days ago

Where's the chips?
will you follow me please, Stephen? I've only just joined TWITTWER today!
ta muchly old fruit x x x

marsarty 2923 days ago

Well, lol ... look like Marbles ! they are harmonious together apart from the white one which is maybe slightly a little lonely..did you eat that one first ? the chef should have presented one clearly on its own from the group so sweet, bless x

geoconn 2932 days ago

LA size zero food, one for breakfast one for lunch one for dinner one for supper.

karloff28 2934 days ago

The white one on the end is just out of line!! five would have been one too many.

zimabz 2935 days ago

Oooh delicious and nutricios....and spelt right.

lizbrown1946 2935 days ago

did you eat them or play with them ?

shnuz 2935 days ago

Who knew playing marbles could get so classy?

artfulwench 2936 days ago

Just goes to prove fancy food is complete bollocks.

petethomas00 2940 days ago

was it exclusively tasty?

TrippyPip 2941 days ago

One would hope this is an amuse bouche rather than a main course ...