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2282 days ago


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petefulham 2224 days ago

Hmm! How many gallons does that do to mile?

DavidBUtley 2231 days ago

It's towing the seafont!

ArtistLaLa 2240 days ago

We can only wish.

Brinic 2247 days ago

Why is it that posh yachts are always alongside a pokey landing satge?

hunydaisy 2257 days ago

I didnt give you permission to take photos of my yacht

apjf 2259 days ago

Ahhhh, Rent a Boat?? I hired one just like this in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. Great harbour tours but nightmare with the IoW ferries!!

KevinMurphyUk 2259 days ago

I would of done the same... Taken a picture just before they came to re-pocess it off me...

AlarmistUK 2259 days ago

That's where I parked the little thing!!

oshergunsberg 2259 days ago

What were you doing in Sydney ?

ashleighwells 2264 days ago


yacht [yott]
a large boat with sails or an engine, used for racing or pleasure cruising.

moor64 2264 days ago

needs mast and sails!

ashleighwells 2264 days ago

"My other yacht's a dinghy" - or any other naval equivalent which holds more comic value...

fabjordan 2264 days ago

Now that's what I call gin palace. Need any crew?

arkay62 2264 days ago

Are you visiting Sydney?

amyloui2 2264 days ago

woaahh... is that yours mr fry? :)

tootsiepop17 2265 days ago

Golly SF, I can be packed in a hour, where're goin? I'll type your new book; Working Title: Funny Places, Funnier Stories... :)

RickyBee 2265 days ago

Kipper me! What a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Markie1973 2265 days ago

Incredible!!! I always wanted one of those :-)

supanovatrainer 2266 days ago

Not a bad way to travel Stephen

BIG_Jen 2266 days ago

Crikey, is that yours wow!!