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Behold! My traditional St. Patrick's Day feast: 7 Guinness, frozen asparagus soup, and 2 pieces of spearmint gum.

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2537 days ago

Behold! My traditional St. Patrick's Day feast: 7 Guinness, frozen asparagus soup, and 2 pieces of spearmint gum.


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SavannahEstelle 2416 days ago


BlueBirdlcb 2456 days ago

famous and talented than he is.

BlueBirdlcb 2456 days ago

Okay, well your thumb may be "ugly" but your thumb will heal and Jay Leno's chin is a permanent part of his face, unfortunately for him. Or, perhaps...fortunately for him. Some say that chin has developed its own personality. I think that chin is more

Stefanthe2nd 2466 days ago

Ooooff, the gum is just too much. Ala a waffer thin mint, eh.....wait what soup ?? & 6 pk Guinness

MasterMahem 2481 days ago

Nuthin' says you've had a right raucous St. Paddy's Night Blowout like the fine acrid stench of asparagus pee the next mornin'. Erin Go Wizzz...

TyHamlet 2490 days ago

Here's a batch we made earlier.

partypantscuddy 2491 days ago

your thumb nail is very ugly Conan. VERY UGLY. But, it's not as ugly as Jay Leno's chin. :]

NewYorkBound718 2507 days ago

read the comments below, I will read before I type from now on..pinky promise!

NewYorkBound718 2507 days ago

That's great, but what's with that thumb nail of yours? Random I know?

slackerm06 2515 days ago

I'm glad my nails healed, drunkenly leaned against the wall... turns out I was leaning on a door and when someone tried to close it two of my fingernails were in the door jam. I can only imagine how much pain it would have been if I was sober =[

itsChelceLeeann 2518 days ago

yay i just bought some p.j's that say i

VoCaL_isme 2520 days ago

(coninued from prior comment) When I try to remember what happened after the bars, all I can recall is walking around downtown Toronto with a French Baguette. Needless to say I don't let myself drink to that point anymore lol. (sorry again... I'm new to t

VoCaL_isme 2520 days ago

(continued from prior comment... sorry!) -The live band didn't seem impressed... My memory gets foggy after that... I woke up in a townhouse in the East-end with smeared, illegible phone numbers and email addresses that were written on my arm. When I try

VoCaL_isme 2520 days ago

(continued from prior comment) -random bars along the way) and a couple of pints at the Celtic pub. When I had returned the Glaswegian family had 6 pints of Guinness lined up on the table. We sang, "Fields of Athenry," as well as some other Celtic chants.

VoCaL_isme 2520 days ago

This reminds me of a time in Toronto when I was at a Celtic pub and ended up hanging out with a family visiting from Glasgow. I went to the restroom after the pubcrawl (picking a destination to travel towards on foot then stopping for a drink at random ba

NTXC8ED 2520 days ago

I had this same combination and woke up in Estonia 1997. I had to wait 13 years to post this comment. I blame you Conan

GrizzlyCooper 2520 days ago

Nothing like some asparagus soup to get rid of the taste of gum.

nichols_kali 2521 days ago

lol I had Guinness and Jameson - while listening to some Flogging Molly and hearing my aunt and mother complain...ya know for Irish girls neither one can hold their liqour

TPSmitty 2521 days ago

Gnarly thumbnail there Conan

Aryiel_Khatrux 2522 days ago