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I make stuff, actually I make up stuff, stories mostly, collaborations of thoughts, dreams, and actions. Thats me.

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kschlickmann 2418 days ago

she's SO beautiful! gosh.

bruh_better 2419 days ago

ahlev adaçargsed.....

naataliareis 2426 days ago

emilio santiago! AHAHAHAHA

feeeeerfletcher 2594 days ago

rachei com o Emilio Santiago, HAHAHAHA!

Gabee_Ochandio 2595 days ago

naum eh o emilio santiago naum gente .....ta muito novo !!! o emilio e mais velho!! É o filho dele!!! haushuahushau

LarissaAm_ 2598 days ago

emilio santiago!hahahahahahahha muito boa essa

Marianna_Santos 2607 days ago


jksimone 2616 days ago

Emíli Santiago? ahahahhaah

Marlon_RdO 2618 days ago

Emilio Santiago [2] kkk...

claravarela2 2631 days ago

emilio santiago

hershechick 2651 days ago

Micheal Irvin #88!! Of course I stay true to the blue!! Go Dallas Cowboys!

smf46_fan 2677 days ago

because Ashton is a funny'd probably get a sore face from laughing so much.

thechickylala 2753 days ago

someone told a joke or pooted accidentally and they both found it funny!

BLKMGK 2761 days ago

My boy - Michael Irvin!!

mama2booboo 2762 days ago

Why do these guys smile so big around Ashton?

ParkvilleMOm 2769 days ago

yep...good stuff!

KevinTranz 2769 days ago

Didn't know Irvin was a Led Zep fan... errrrr

meGosia 2769 days ago


wonkachu 2769 days ago


TwelveLead 2769 days ago

Yep, he does it for me. MMMMMMMMMM...