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2866 days ago


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owenblacker 2866 days ago

We never had this when I was a kid. Dartmoor got snowed in often, but our village was full of teachers, so they'd teach us if they couldn't get to their own schools. :o(

frompaul 2866 days ago

If it's anything like my old school, it will be due to heating failure which is ironic as it seemed to work fine in the middle of summer!

mgarthwaite 2866 days ago

perhaps one of the little darlings having a laugh, if a "teacher" wrote that sign I would be having words...

helenduffett 2866 days ago

My children's schools use this:

DougieLawson 2866 days ago

Who needs a website to get the simplest information.

johnpopham 2866 days ago

Good communication method! Web 0.0?

williamt 2866 days ago

Plenty of scope for fraud with that surely...?

johnthelutheran 2866 days ago

Our sons' school has a great way of communicating such info to parents: it's called a "website". The concept shows promise. ;-)