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Anyone know what kind of tree this is? Is smells so bad!!! Bleh!

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2974 days ago

Anyone know what kind of tree this is? Is smells so bad!!! Bleh!


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tabberziskewl 2834 days ago

its called a cherry tree way back in the day japoneese ppl planted it because it came from japan (it dosent grow cherrys')

diwa777 2857 days ago

Must be rotting flowers,DAmmmmm Global Warming or Warning lets give this to the spelling bee contestants to get the spelling right.

rachellondon 2906 days ago

so beautiful but so smelly like babys breath...and the pretty purple trees.so pretty but so messy

MaggieMcCoy 2914 days ago

yep they smell horrible!

suzieGg 2920 days ago

it is a pear tree... they smell AWFUL when they are blossoming and lots of flies come around too! haha

treenut6 2929 days ago

Bad picca nice tree!

chevis 2938 days ago

it's a bradford pear tree. We used to have 8 of them in our front yard and the smell was overwhelmingly bad in the spring

madalexlove 2942 days ago

oh yeah....forgot to add that it is also NOT a dogwood....too many blooms

madalexlove 2942 days ago

I don't know what that is....but I do know that it is NOT a crepe myrtle

danielleperk 2955 days ago

Looks like a cherry blossom to me. That's too bad they smell so bad because they are so pretty.

qliq 2974 days ago

Looks like a Royal Polonia Tree (also called a Japanese Empress). We had a bunch on our property

priyen12 2974 days ago

WOW A Tree =)

sophiak_ 2974 days ago

I'm sure about this one... it's a almond tree.. :P

davidwheelerphd 2974 days ago

It is definitely not ginko nor bradford pear - branching structure is all wrong. I would go with the Crape Myrtle tree comment but do not have any personal experience.

TreeFriar 2974 days ago

Justine, could you snatch a leaf from it and take a picture?

TrekMichaels 2974 days ago

Looks a a little like a dogwood but they don't bloom this time of year (at least here in Jersey)

buzzradiodotnet 2974 days ago

A messy one?

m_nicole 2974 days ago

ooh I don't know what they're called but we have those here in Atlanta and they smell AWFUL, only in the spring time though..

ZachBuckler 2974 days ago

That is a Crape Myrtle Tree. They are quite prevalent where I live in Cary, North Carolina.

laurenmaureen 2974 days ago

ohhh i don't think that's a cherry tree. i had one of those in my backyard growing up. i wish i could remember it's name...