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This is what time it is now in decimal time.

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2378 days ago

This is what time it is now in decimal time.


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mynameischarrie 2216 days ago


angelrubio 2343 days ago

If you don't say the timezone, the "normal clock" has no meaning or purpose, i mean is every hour because it's global: is about 0:31h on my time zone so it's useless.

daisylaurent 2373 days ago


DYNAMEISING 2374 days ago

I must say you´re one of my´re the smarter one.

Trevor_Rogers 2376 days ago

Hmmm. Is there any way to change that color scheme? ...:-[

KrisAWinchell 2377 days ago

yup...on a 10 hour works out to be 11:30pmish. Random: You should watch "I'm Not There." Really.

alyssalynv 2377 days ago

hmm pretty interesting! wishing you a great rest of the tour! still wishing you'd make a trip back to OH or PA! love your music John! :)

DYNAMEISING 2377 days ago

...friends...lovers...or nothing!

viva_its_ericca 2377 days ago

I must say that is quite cool but confusing at the same time. :]

critchie75 2377 days ago

I prefer swatch internet time...catchier name...:)

Daphnetweetz 2377 days ago I get the post about taking the idiot with the savant. LOL, YUP, you're special. ((hugs you anyway))

FrenchCnXn 2377 days ago

interesting perspective...

28floorsOFfilms 2378 days ago

kornfused...terrible pun...

ehummingbird 2378 days ago

I mean I can't say how many time I've lost solving it :) I'll keep on reading for university :S

ehummingbird 2378 days ago

well I got it but just a part of it.. and think that instead 24 hours in a day there would be 100 in decimal time... well if I watch this clock coloured like this I understand it cause you only have to plus and minus making the equivalence... But I can't

SElizSee 2378 days ago

John Mayer brought it all and more to HP last night. He is UNREAL. Listening and watching him sing, play guitar, the way he moves - it's the most amazing indescribable experience to take it all in, like he's making love to the entire audience. Crazy! His

nixnaxpaddywax 2378 days ago

if your this bored, John, then pop over to Scotland, it's much more exciting than worrying about decimal point time, we could pop round to the local pub for a nice beer!hmmmmmmm......nice

TheBloody_Baron 2378 days ago

i don't get it!

xtremebutterfIy 2378 days ago

So instead of 24 hours in a day....there would only be 10? I'm so confused.....