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For the tour, I'm borrowing No Doubt's road cases.  Wait until you hear my cover of "Just a girl".

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1616 days ago

For the tour, I'm borrowing No Doubt's road cases. Wait until you hear my cover of "Just a girl".


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MasterMahem 1573 days ago

A little known fact. The actual person who brutally stuffed the guys from No Doubt into these boxes posted the following comment...

TyHamlet 1582 days ago

A little known fact that the guys had to travel in these boxes. It is what led to the band breaking up.

the_G3NERAL 1599 days ago

And LaBamba will travel in his glass case that was to protect the crowd from him.

troyshannon1 1600 days ago

The big case is for Andy. Please, remember to drill some air-holes.

hiscoresboards 1600 days ago

Well just as long as you 'Don't Speak' ; )

swedepea23 1602 days ago

wow. even just that pic alone makes me quiver. but the idea of you near them is FAR better. it makes me QUAKE :D

toycamerafan24 1604 days ago

very nice!!!

mrmojo23 1604 days ago

No doubt oh yeah they pack em in gwens got the abwork no doubt her and her husband are going to appear on where are they now

whimsicalSun 1606 days ago


nicole_ak 1608 days ago

How on earth did you get your hands on these?!

jnamon83 1609 days ago

Eric Stefani used to be a guest animator for The Simpsons, and we all know that Coco was a Simpsons writer. Any history there?

babycallingback 1609 days ago

If Gwen left one of her outfits in there, will you borrow that too?!

East_LA_Chavo 1610 days ago

No Doubt + Conan O'Brien = My heaven

apearl17 1610 days ago

... at that...have him on first. (read this one last and last one first). ✔

apearl17 1610 days ago

guest for his new CD (guitar hero panned out). When you come back (ENCORE!!! for 40+ years), you may have to do a few speed episodes and catch the world up to date with nuggets of minutia and hilarium; by the looks of a recent SNL skit, JT is pretty good

apearl17 1610 days ago

VINTAGE! Better hang on to those, they will be worth GOBS now that they served the awesome band no doubt AND Conan's mandatory-hiatus comedy road crew. What do you keep in there? I was just thinking that if you were on tonight, you'd have Slash as a gu

hellojaimee 1610 days ago

yaaaay! I love No Doubt AND Conan O'Brien, what a great mix.

ctollestrup 1611 days ago

After you sing "Just a Girl", follow up with "Under Construction" and "Happy Now?" That will leave people wanting more! (maybe?)

SongOfSparrow 1612 days ago

No Doubt in my mind- miss your humor on late night, but I can follow it on Twitter. Thanks!!!!!

susanananananaa 1612 days ago

You, singing Just a Girl? I NEED TO SEE THAT. :D