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1902 days ago


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mat_hil 1522 days ago

Am I the only one thinking "moneybags"? I can't be!

DavidBUtley 1869 days ago

Woman assaults suited man with giant purse.

LlinosHR 1876 days ago

so much money it didn't fit inside the bag .. wel wir!

billyboybeccles 1877 days ago

Loadsa money

ArtistLaLa 1878 days ago

Money money makes the world go round.

Pauliewalnut 1881 days ago

reckon you'll get that thing through customs without begin strip searched?

PottiJo 1882 days ago

Crikey I bet it weighs a ton!

adamoakes 1885 days ago

Paul Smith! Good taste! ;) tho prefer the 'mini' bags.

de3 1886 days ago

money, money,money, lots of money, it's a rich man's world!

martin__100 1886 days ago

No £1 coins, well it is the credit crunch grrrrrrr! damit!

geoconn 1894 days ago

sent this 2 my bagaholic sister she wants to know where?,how much?, love, love, love it.

Animaljunkie 1895 days ago

What! No £1 coins?

Smoothman 1895 days ago

How rude...opening my wallet like that!

smudge372 1895 days ago


eastcoastdave 1896 days ago

I thought i saw you down at the penny arcade at Filey seafront

HKpony 1896 days ago

take care of the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves?

TwotoesMcsavage 1897 days ago

Hello mr money bags Sorry Lmfao god im so cynical it kinda looks like a lump of treasure from an old ship wreck that is the strangest bag I have ever seen?

LizWinter 1897 days ago

It's ok for loose change I suppose!!....
Ok!! I'm sorry!! Crap joke!! No, seriously, it was supposed to be a joke!! ;)

richardw2571 1897 days ago

no notes !!??

John_Winkie 1897 days ago

I suspect it costs rather more than the face value ... Hmmm ...