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2581 days ago


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nekobabaa 2579 days ago

I must thank Stephen for the two brilliant comments shown below - Theodore Gray, Esq, we salute you, sir!

TheodoreGray 2579 days ago

Well, although as the creator of I would never say anything against it, it's really not right to say it is "the same" as the iPad version. The iPad experience is just, well, different.

maire19 2580 days ago

The same beautiful Periodic Table is also on the web at

Caryl_Hill 2580 days ago

You can also get this on the PC!!! Via the internet at - so maybe for those of us who can't get an iPAD yet, there's still a way to improve our science!

zany_zigzag 2580 days ago

Dear lord, that's...incredible! What a fabulous app! The picture's idea who Tom Lehrer is though! :-)

striped_mouse 2580 days ago

My husband (chemist) is drooling over photo! Never saw him in this condition, btw

GrahamBowes 2580 days ago

Wow, can't wait for Hitchhikers Guide to appear as an interactive book. With your voice too.

swest2biz 2580 days ago

Now that could come in handy! :D

CyberAuntie 2580 days ago

Did I understand right, it has Tom Lehrer as a soundtrack? Stunning.

ChrisLehmkuhl 2580 days ago

My late mother, the industrial chemist, teacher, and Luddite would have been converted to all things Apple by this one app. Sorry you missed it, Mom.

melekh88 2580 days ago

as a chemist all I can say is sweeeeeetttt!!!!!

TalkyMeat 2580 days ago

Now THAT is AuSOMn!

Bebejax 2580 days ago

Is the periodic table only available to the ipad (which I thought they weren't going to do...) Can't find it on the app store and I *need* this :0)

decofan14 2580 days ago

have absolutely no use nor need of one, but hey, what does that matter, apple are driving from the backseat and i want one

mikejohnston01 2580 days ago

Yeah, VERY cool

KatjaFin 2581 days ago

very cool!

Patrick100 2581 days ago

Love it.

YesEunice 2581 days ago

Father Jack's ear wax on your Ipad now

nongenderous 2581 days ago

That's gorgeous.

KChavda 2581 days ago

Wowwee wow!