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1878 days ago


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Simp182 1877 days ago

I love what appears to be a 'piano pie' in the corner :D

Bebejax 1877 days ago

When oh when will they let us pre-order in the UK???

TracyLynnMurray 1877 days ago


liamhere 1878 days ago

i love apple products......but IMO the Ipad is just wrong....but thats me, each to your own.

KChavda 1878 days ago

So jealous! Want an iPad too! :-)

RynGreen 1878 days ago

Apple better be paying you. You probably make half of their sales flogging these things ;)

Jealous xx

hiscoresboards 1878 days ago

So when you're at Carrow Road singing on the terraces you can accompany yourself now with the minute waltz!!

Neddink 1878 days ago

Are you "hammering away like Beethoven in his deafest years"? to quote that astounding work of brilliance, MOAB.

rebeccawoodhead 1878 days ago

Looks an amazing bit of kit. What are books like on it?

ADL2007 1878 days ago

Stop being such a damn tease!

crk365 1878 days ago

I really miss my Commodore 64 right about now..

Dumplin75 1878 days ago

A keyboard that you can play now that's too cool.

GhostpilotZ 1878 days ago

You -really- have me wanting an iPhone / iPad right now.

mitsukoy 1878 days ago

Wow... I am beginning to be awfully envious!!! ^^