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sSsStephensonNn 2547 days ago


alecwills 2548 days ago

She's just finished spaghetti and the strain has caused her iris to go purple

IanBHunter 2548 days ago

intheradiator - I get the feeling you've half read the 'idiots guide to psychology'

intheradiator 2549 days ago

you can't use men to sell things. women are objects; men are consumers; it'd be a weird freaky mismatch if there was some bald dude in a flannel shirt on your desktop. but when i design a computer that is totally what it will have.

happeningfish 2549 days ago

perhaps more like dauntingly cosplay and Elfstones of Shannara, perhaps.

IanBHunter 2549 days ago

I think she's whistling 'Colonel Bogey'.

ruleistherule 2549 days ago

it's only heterosexual if you're a dude. funny mouth shape, though. blow-up doll?

jimeikner 2549 days ago

Definitely belongs on black velvet...

Diableret 2549 days ago

I hope its not like maya. i spent last semester at uni battling with autodesk maya...

spotrick 2549 days ago

Photoshopped. ;)

SnarksAndSparks 2549 days ago

Why would this picture be off-putting for female customers? I'm happy to get on my feminist soapbox willy-nilly and at the slightest provocation these days (ranting is excellent when procrastinating) but am hard pressed to find this picture offensive. I t

arprice 2549 days ago

It's sexy. Perhaps that's the image they were after.

RantsTheDog 2549 days ago

Christ, can see what you mean by 'dauntingly heterosexual'. Do they not want female customers?

_parallelogram_ 2549 days ago

Oh, I agree that her features are oversexualised, it was just that the image was introduced as 'dauntingly heterosexual' which I don't think is necessarily the case - I believe a homosexual female has commented that she finds the image pleasant enough :)

nongenderous 2549 days ago

But then I think about sexuality is something that's always evolving, changing. I'm sick of the binary thinking in terms of sexuality; straight/gay. There's so much more in between.

nongenderous 2549 days ago

No, it's more the posture of the face was just thinking; "objectified again!"; the big, pouting lips. Would rather see something more gender neutral.

_parallelogram_ 2549 days ago

I find her a bit creepy, but is just having a female image really a sign of heterosexuality? Would a male image be a definite sign of homosexuality? It's just a human image who happens to be female.

nongenderous 2549 days ago

Doesn't Apple want any female costumers? *coughsexismcough*

IanBHunter 2549 days ago

It's like walking into an 'Athena' shop back in the 90's

HamzaRehman 2549 days ago

hey i know her ... she's republican. except the mole. bill's an animal!