Stephen Fry


British Actor, Writer, Lord of Dance, Prince of Swimwear & Blogger - NEVER reads Direct Messages

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2586 days ago


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hiscoresboards 2529 days ago

Signed by and Robin, but where's Batman?

_thesovo 2532 days ago

...that's how i make my s's.... stalker much? lol.

Ranevckaya 2550 days ago

Ah!I love......your handwriting

scordale 2550 days ago

Good God didn't know the Vatican knew about your arse and it's many heroic and saintly doings?!

Paula_Python 2562 days ago

Quiero uno de estos. ¿A quién hay que matar?

whywhywhy1 2564 days ago


AlanHutcheson 2573 days ago

Yes, it is a good thing to practice ones autograph. Who knows but that one day there may be demand for such. Good on you for being proactive. Although you may want to rethink the "Holy arse" appendage. I have seen backsides possessed of a divine nature an

Hobittual 2582 days ago

Ah! The last element of my Photoshop based, Stephen Fry cheque fraud.

GertrudeSusanne 2585 days ago

You know what they say about people whose handwriting has a vertical slant, is of average size, with letters being fully connected? Ich auch nicht ! :o) But your handwriting is most attractive... GS x

Jamie_W_Lee 2585 days ago

Was that the misspelled endorsement they didn't print on the back of 'The Da Vinci Code'?

isntmynamecool 2586 days ago

Oh my! I love your handwriting Stephen! :)

nongenderous 2586 days ago

I'm just going to second Soph and say; I love your handwriting.

Soph_Ichigo 2586 days ago

My! You have lovely handwriting..

mshgsndht 2586 days ago

lol. xD

Bebejax 2586 days ago

I so need one *NOW*

Mxdp 2586 days ago

...I love you x You scribbled on it first and then used white paint to cover it up instead of the eraser, didn't you? 0:)

GrenvillePeter 2586 days ago

Stephen old chum, well hardly so, but do read on. I'll searching for a really hefty leg-up from the depths of obscurity into a networked world of celebrity Voice Over artists. Just an initial heave-ho is all I ask and who better to ask that fr

sinisterpics 2586 days ago

Ahhhh you spawny bugger fry, And city almost up too, double spawny bugger!

crawfoc99 2586 days ago

This is just way too much for one day. It's not available here in Oz til later this month. I love my iPhone but now want an iPad even more.

carolmarybyrne 2586 days ago

thatś the hol(E)y arse of course