Ryan Seacrest


The day will happen whether or not you get up. - John Ciardi

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2862 days ago

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Challenger13 2424 days ago

take that, take that, take that!!

elaine_carlson 2613 days ago

um excuse me nicole but julio roberts had the best hair of the year!

roarimazombie 2616 days ago

"yo um, I'm real happy for you but uh, Beyonce's the has the best wax figure of all time"

rockys_tweets 2659 days ago

Magic Moment

lga30 2665 days ago

hahah it does look like that.....

PPD3066 2732 days ago

Well, you did show up! Diddy: Baby, I told you I would be here for you?

AmyEads 2764 days ago

Nicole: Why the fuck didn't you call me lastnight? Diddy: yo, my bad I got caught up in some shit, you're still my girl tho.

drisalvia 2766 days ago

that´s it if you don´t use sunblock! trust me!

msfabulosity926 2767 days ago

Wax figures in Madame Tussauds. Lol. Love them both, but that is honestly wat this looks like :)

trollfu 2767 days ago

you so white you make the snow look ghetto....

spud1340 2774 days ago

You've got something hanging from your left nostril!!

memiless 2794 days ago

You gotta be kiddin' ... it was YOU ????

_amylynn_ 2794 days ago

Diddy: Eh gurl, I like yo milky skin...so soft and creamy. Could I touch it? Nicole: What kinda girl do you take me for?

aly_kc 2801 days ago

Diddy: Hey girl, what's good?
Nicole: Umm, do I know you?

badelia 2804 days ago

- gang girl your the palest aussi ever.
- are you happy or sad I can't tell. your eyebrows don't move, at, all.

fashi0nfanatic 2805 days ago

diddy: hey hold on, i gotta twitter this..."

Rvecin 2809 days ago

So, uh .... what whitening cream did you recommend ?

karenmck76 2813 days ago

Ebony and ivory has never looked so sweet!!!

HifromRobin 2819 days ago

Will you sing @ my daughter Birthday Party.@ our Flat down under. Please

gtekkrom 2819 days ago

Hi, err, I listen to your music. My son in black...ish!