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1898 days ago


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DavidBUtley 1870 days ago

The financial district pinched all the sun! No surprise there then.

bagel191 1881 days ago

People see pics like this and think how beautiful... I cant help thinking look what we've done

Guudbuddy 1895 days ago

I mis LALA bigtime and you are just furthering my pain.
Cheers mate.

brigeoo 1896 days ago

Glorious light from down town LA, up on London Heath I'v too seen the rays, mesmerised by it's display, X B

nic78 1897 days ago

now your just rubbing it in, bloody -4 here, Brrrrrr!!!

TwotoesMcsavage 1897 days ago

So far away gold misty mountains sun on obelisk shudders down my cassock I cactus the cry of Geronimo

richcovephoto 1897 days ago

Looks like your having fun! and working hard

vikkyc 1897 days ago

awhh :( lucky buggar

timglenton 1897 days ago

What is point, LA? What is point?

girlsour 1897 days ago

It's very 24

thisisjools 1897 days ago

Oh wow great view, lucky you! Hoping to get to LA in March.

TWITUYU 1897 days ago

Actor, author and philanthropist Stephen Fry sets his biggest challenge yet - where's Wally?

Mick_L 1897 days ago

beats the grave yard I see every morning

pagan386 1897 days ago

reminds me of hackney :)

genevieve17 1897 days ago

Brings back memories.....

FiandHe 1897 days ago

Isn't it interesting to see what others can see and know what a diverse world we live in.

GeOrGe_x 1897 days ago

you look out the window at maryport all you see is the sea n the smelly igisund factory giving Siddick a very smelly pong! XD
anyway tis awsome like! xx

anneliese1905 1897 days ago

Aw I wish I was there! x

mumbray_2001 1897 days ago

Where's the smog gone? When I lived there (eons ago), you couldn't see like that!

gizmavich 1897 days ago

Lovely picture :) I have to agree with ianmrobbo lol so many boxes