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I did warn you ...

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2498 days ago

I did warn you ...


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libelluslibatio 2257 days ago

You do indeed have a very James May-style going on there.

Lucifia69 2421 days ago

U are Great!
Love from Russia

Moo522 2421 days ago

:L I love it! Though you do look like James May...

MissShanique 2455 days ago

You do really look like James May off Top Gear \o/
You're bloody amazing!!!!!!!

KevTee 2463 days ago

Thats a Very Good Point - Have you ever seen James May & Mr Fry in the same place at the same time?

deusdiabolus 2463 days ago

A quote from the movie TWISTER: "Doesn't matter what you'll still be beautiful."

drunken_bee 2463 days ago

cool jacket, perfect style!

NikLMiller 2463 days ago

I didn't know that you were related to James May!

UkJay1 2463 days ago

cool dude

Livvikitti 2463 days ago

you look great ^^ im loving the hair :D

Innaura 2463 days ago

You look fab!

blogatoy 2465 days ago

you look great! =^____^=

Charlie_Hawkins 2467 days ago

Nice shades! lol

Obsidanse 2467 days ago

Very swish ^^

Joop_Moonchild 2467 days ago

Looking a bit rock star in that photo. When's the album release?

Emsyphine 2468 days ago

Very handsome :)

fondantkiss 2470 days ago

Yep will deffo vote for your cute hairdresser! x

cyberdonkey 2471 days ago

Have you ever thought of a side line as a James May impersonator?

Lore123 2473 days ago

You're looking really well to be honest, losing weight has done you wonders!

rfvrfv 2476 days ago

I too think you're awesome... From Norway.... :]