Lee Teuk


Super Junior leader LeeTeuk^^

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li_dia 1952 days ago

I Likee this ;D <3

AquilaELF 1982 days ago

Like this... n.ne this... n.n

esther_waixian 2134 days ago

Happy Twitter 1st Anniversary ^^ The 1st pic that you tweeted ~~

AleTeukie 2220 days ago

oppa sales tan cute!!!
q lindo
te amooooooooooooooooo

maecysays 2304 days ago

you're very first twitpic! <3 it was tweeted 192 days ago. awesome.

jojieefondo 2345 days ago

<3 당신이 너무 귀여워!! 너무 좋아!

damao1127 2345 days ago

이특 사랑하다 ♥

TOOKI1004 2351 days ago

i hope we can taIking with you before go to the army we are support you fighting! #ARABELF

Teukie52Chun 2401 days ago

I am stupid, I do not understand Korean... I really want to encourage you when you need comfort... You always gave me courage to keep on. I want to help you..help you walked from the dark

elf_13sj 2408 days ago

my angel :x proud to be an ELF :x

SpecialKimmie27 2412 days ago

Can't believe that I'm so lucky
I have never felt so happy
Every time I see that sparkle in your eyes
[...] I cannot believe it
You're one in a million ^^

*Remember: Spread your wings and fly! ^^ Trust Me...Trust Me...Yeah! XD

Miso_ELF 2413 days ago

give me your kiss

Lygiamaria_ 2415 days ago

hi, camera.

Reyevr 2420 days ago

I love you 4ever

0228apple 2431 days ago

謝謝提供 100701 SUPER JUNIOR LeeTeuk Happy Birthday !! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xIlAvNUTXc

0228apple 2431 days ago

可愛利特 ^^ Today is your birthday mood is very complex! 27 SS501 Hyung Jun leaves Taiwan to be happy!! 3 days later the good friend commits suicide! SS501 Hyung Jun - CRY… grieved…Please forgive me! SUPER JUNIOR AND SS501 MY LOVE!!

0228apple 2431 days ago

利特 SORRY SORRY 今天是你偉大生日! 我做錯事情!我沒想哪麼多!剛好韓國藝人自殺!台灣討論!我想讓大家知道韓國明星辛苦!因為還是有人說壞話!SORRY SORRY!!

0228apple 2431 days ago

韓國明星每一個都怕X檔案!和攻擊組織!South Korean star each fears X file! With attack organization!Super Junior Fighting!! !!Forever super junior !!

0228apple 2431 days ago

Tonight Taiwan continues to discuss the South Korean entertainers to commit suicide! I am angry very much! Is angry!The South Korean entertainer five years from Suicide not 10 individuals! Correct is 13 people!Why do they want to die??

0228apple 2432 days ago

100629 Taiwan MTV SUPER JUNIOR 100629 MTV 日韓音樂瘋- Super Junior