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Just a jealous socialist who can't afford to play golf

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2242 days ago


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jonmacqueen 2241 days ago

Awwww, you photoshopped the cock out of his hand and mouth.

seaghmac 2241 days ago

In my opinion it should read DOPE

rossywar 2241 days ago

"like" :)

beansontoast 2241 days ago


jillnitsche 2241 days ago

Awesome in almost every way.

james_windsor 2241 days ago

Labour have done many great things for this country. Why does everyone hate them?

GraWebster 2241 days ago

Very good. PLEASE DO NOT VOTE LABOUR - anything but more Brown. Vote for anyone but Labour for the sake of our country.

Darren_Turner 2241 days ago

Bonzai1888 you knob

Briantist 2241 days ago

Dave Camercon

True_Belle 2241 days ago

Cleggameron revisited -!

panopticon76 2241 days ago

kick Camerons ass > Vote with Your Fists

Stefing 2241 days ago

Because being a Bullingdon Boy is EXACTLY THE SAME as being the first Black American President!

86adamfoster 2241 days ago

haha epic :D

ggbrunt 2241 days ago

Check here to vote for a balanced parliament few votes there will make a dif #KeepToriesOut pls RT

blottedcopybook 2241 days ago

Love it. Let's hope you're right! x

itsDice 2241 days ago

Love it!

GrantMac89 2241 days ago

Figured it out

GrantMac89 2241 days ago

I made it my facebook picture but when it appears smaller, on the feed, the nope doesn't show :/