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Where's Homer?

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2243 days ago

Where's Homer?


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sugarplumfairy2 2221 days ago

hehehehe love it and she is obviously likes her body, few people in this world are like her

HanzChristianNL 2221 days ago

Anybody ever seen Homer naked?

tnerak 2221 days ago

As long as no one does a 'Where's Marge?' :P

caggypants76 2221 days ago

1st thought in my head- ooh, gads!, 2nd thought- ooh gads!

hiscoresboards 2221 days ago

That is the ultimate couch gag!!

The_Alan_Clark 2221 days ago

I have that pic on my phone, is a classic!!

papacass84 2221 days ago

someone asked abt Hommer having a goatee,It looks more like a "soul patch" OMG I am going to need mindbleach.I won't sleep tonight.

Sarawooly 2221 days ago

ha ha ha oh my god

tobylee26 2221 days ago

I would. In fact, I think I have.

maskiflynn 2221 days ago

ahhh, like that ;) LOL

maskiflynn 2221 days ago

how do I RT this pic to my Twitter? This is LEGEND!!!

bluesshoe 2221 days ago

Can I kill myself now?

sojennyhill 2221 days ago


Drhuwjones 2221 days ago

I want to see him eat a donut

SpeckBella 2221 days ago

That's hilarious!!

Innaura 2221 days ago

You are one sick puppy ha ha ha

Hannyness 2221 days ago

okay what the fuck I'm scarred for life.

kinaton 2221 days ago

lol love it

ElbNerd 2224 days ago


dingle88 2225 days ago

haha this is the funniest thing!!!!