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Ooh. We've struck some special 100th QI show badges

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1865 days ago

Ooh. We've struck some special 100th QI show badges


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IamBabyfry 1674 days ago

I want one

harrarp 1804 days ago

Where can I get one? I've watched maybe not a hundred, but at least half...

Nectarfizz 1822 days ago

The first 99 episodes of QI just seemed to Fry by...--Matt Clendon (My Englishman)

Nectarfizz 1822 days ago

I want one!!

kraftyk8 1863 days ago

Is it possible to obtain a badge?

kraftyk8 1863 days ago

and no time to even faintly think about stopping, QI is the best & most intelligent programme on TV.

randomm4lyfe 1864 days ago

truly looks quite interesting!

Jarvisarrow 1864 days ago

How do I get one?

markpuma 1864 days ago

I got a badge!! Was there last night, fantastic!! Cake and champagne all round(for the cast and crew unfortunately) but looked nice!

peterbards 1864 days ago

Qi best A/V event in history, SF super wit and brain +rougishly handsome . Can i have a badge now.

NoregretsLiz 1865 days ago

It took me about two minutes of staring at that badge to realise its the shape of a Q and has an i inside it. I am so thick I should be on the show just for laughs!

mshgsndht 1865 days ago


bubbabobob 1865 days ago

Congratulations on both the show and that magnificent badge. I feel the happiness

jjc26 1865 days ago

wowsa wowsa can I get one to?

Laineyliu 1865 days ago

Congratulations to the designer. Splendiferous!!!

samon53 1865 days ago

Wow! that looks lovely where can I get one.

jesscake15 1865 days ago


gavinmackay 1865 days ago

I'm utterly disappointed. As I live in the Republic of Ireland and curently do not have a television; I have been unable to view QI for some time. More frustratingly, I cannot view this wonderful programme on the BBCi player. Whilst I accept that I am no

Samcheddar 1865 days ago

I heart QI , Stephen Fry is quite omniscient!!!

usernamecaitlin 1865 days ago

i want one of those badges :)