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The badge on desk in studio. Resting on pile of cards.

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2462 days ago

The badge on desk in studio. Resting on pile of cards.


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Tsula2 2460 days ago

Please Mr Fry, come to the US with your show. I miss your witticisms from my life in the UK!

MistyOB 2461 days ago

Excellent! Can't believe I've watched 100 Qi's...some more than a few times! Congratulations!

grrrlgeek 2461 days ago

Great photo. Wish we could see QI here in the 'states.

hiscoresboards 2462 days ago

The first 99 episodes of QI just seemed to fly by........

Scottishjamie 2462 days ago

Fantastic piece of design, think the talented person who came up with it needs a namecheck.

cherry29051963 2462 days ago

Now that looks Quite Interesting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. That's the second one iv seen to day!!!!.

mickeykkennedy 2462 days ago

love it - ii want one soo bad!! where can uu get one??? or are they just for people on Qi

Mulreay 2462 days ago

See them on eBay soon.

TheCasualDragon 2462 days ago

That is awsome! Please may i have one? XXXXX

matvernau 2462 days ago

Great idea, are us humble muggles able to buy one. :-)

ClareLJames 2462 days ago

Pllllllllease can I have one???

nongenderous 2462 days ago

Pretty. May I have one?

Luke2903 2462 days ago

give me a shout out on your twitter feed please. Your program on wagner was interesting. I love QI!!

Virunee 2462 days ago


ScrumpApple 2462 days ago

LOL! I 1st read this as badgeR! That would have been QI! Maybe a commemorative badger for 200 eps?

elizabethbutton 2462 days ago

ooh! Me want me want! Gimme gimme! Lol.
That looks cool.

Fryphile 2462 days ago

Next can we have a picture of it on your iPad :P

stope 2462 days ago

omg! i want one!! can you give one to me?! :P love it! x

PeterJBarfield 2462 days ago

Oooo I want one.

webitha 2462 days ago

oooh i want one, can i have one? where can i get one?