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kalliaSka 2373 days ago

ok!! i surrender!!!!

Naydeeners1989 2384 days ago


Jokachridep 2388 days ago

Yes!!He is a most famous one!!

heidiho202 2413 days ago

Wait til they find out Opey is the director!

Hurc_ 2413 days ago

I can't believe they replaced ME with Nicolas Cage? I mean have you SEEN The Wicker Man?

kalliaSka 2413 days ago

what is a caption idea? (somebody reply:/)
whatevs the pic is sweet i love the fantasia hat remembers me of when i was six:D:D

Rosy9663 2413 days ago

Mickey is magically happy to accompany the sorcerers apprentice :)) Together they can do magic to improve everyone's world.

nikkibabez31 2413 days ago

damn sat nav this aint disney land

lord_zorah 2414 days ago

I do not know where I am.......aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stupid hat!!

CyrusIsSmart 2414 days ago

Andrew Felker

dacoopman 2414 days ago

So I got a high-pitched voice and I'm wearing a dress, what are you trying to say?

PenTalesGolden 2414 days ago

I make the magic happen!

wandaology 2414 days ago

Disney World's profit is this much, so far.

davygam 2414 days ago

Please don't shoot me, Donald! I'm almost 100 years old & this how high I can stick my hands up!

SusieMarx 2414 days ago

Way to go Jerry! Love the broomstick sequence.

annasophia78 2414 days ago

Can I get some fries with that? LOL.... Love you Mickey...

NiChaomh 2414 days ago

U can try 2 recreate an idea, but no matter how great that idea is, nothing beats the original

SG_Morgana 2414 days ago

"I'm so proud of you! Come and hug me right!"

MioAkiyama23 2414 days ago

Sorcerers Apprentice 1.0 Mickey and Yensid... JB How about a hug?

HelenMorgan11 2414 days ago

Whadda ya mean im not allowed in dont you know who i am!!!