The Dark Lord


Running around leaving scars, collecting my jar of hearts and tearing love apart...

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Don't even get me started on that ugly ass bow. #thelousytruth

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1527 days ago

Don't even get me started on that ugly ass bow. #thelousytruth


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GeeTWLOHA 1130 days ago


rippah 1155 days ago


itsbiha 1316 days ago


_Caro14_ 1351 days ago

hahahaha Voldemort & Dumbeldore gossiping hahaha LMAO

snorcacks 1354 days ago


Islandheart23 1366 days ago

this is my fav one so far !!!

LilMermaidBitch 1374 days ago

amazing! but did you relise YOU HAVE A NOSE IN THE END SLIDE :O

comebreathless 1377 days ago

LMFAO!!!! Mean Girls & Harry Potter = amazing mix!

xJoseGuevarax 1407 days ago

LOL Mean Girls.

MN411 1411 days ago


sharehappyness_ 1413 days ago

This is so funny!

BieberMcMuffin 1418 days ago


anishok 1430 days ago

Genius macro is genius. :D

Riz16 1431 days ago

lord voldy got a nose!!!

Riz16 1431 days ago

omfg,this is so damn funny!!hahahaha

Dunya_Halla 1449 days ago

you got a nose there

Koalur 1450 days ago

I love how you use some Mean Girls quotes in these, however, in the first pic you have a pedophile smile...

_Darkot_ 1454 days ago

i just noticed u have a nose in the last 1 of this O_o

oy0t 1459 days ago


BellatrixBitch 1464 days ago

LOL. I agree with ..Since when does Voldy have a nose? o.O.