The Dark Lord


Running around leaving scars, collecting my jar of hearts and tearing love apart...

You also can't spell "Lord Voldemort" without SHUT THE HELL UP!

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1676 days ago

You also can't spell "Lord Voldemort" without SHUT THE HELL UP!


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SimplyErudite 1318 days ago

hot and dangerous....

SwiftFatos 1515 days ago


lilyluna7 1615 days ago

and you can't spell 'without'.

randomattitude 1641 days ago

didnt rob patts play lord voldemort in the second movie?

VEmiko 1650 days ago


_MissSamantha 1650 days ago

I so totally agree with and

TraciStumpf89 1651 days ago

Gawd! I love this one!

NievesRojas 1656 days ago

DUDE What The Fuck? xD

OnyxFire18 1656 days ago

Yo dude. No wonder you hated the orphanage. What UP with that haircut?!

xJayBoox3 1657 days ago

what the heck ?!

_TwistInMyStory 1661 days ago

I don't understand why people are so mean to emo's. It pisses me off.

DemiGodAmy 1661 days ago


GenevieveEmrys 1661 days ago


freddieemercury 1662 days ago

Voldy you were such a cute little boy i dare say;

ItaMaroon 1667 days ago

He's cute. lol

GeraldEstrella 1668 days ago

So true :))

XLucyHamilton 1669 days ago


zaenzi 1669 days ago

You're so right, baby. :D

wyjebane 1669 days ago

he's like Kurt from Glee or sth. OMG, he's so ... am .... Okay, I'm still trying to say "Lord Voldemort" without "emo". It's so hard to say!

Lord_GooGoo 1671 days ago

Looks slightly constipated....