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Gosh, I've been sent a Golden  (Australia's face ice-cream) gift package. How divine.

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2365 days ago

Gosh, I've been sent a Golden (Australia's face ice-cream) gift package. How divine.


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VixTrix11 2309 days ago

Best ice-cream ever!

mrs_coyle 2363 days ago

Could we have a photograph of you wearing it, Mr Fry? xxx

paddlefoot1397 2363 days ago

now you need to try a Tim Tam slam!!!

hiscoresboards 2364 days ago

Time to get a Vegemite gift package mate!!

KChavda 2364 days ago

:) Have to agree: Brilliant branding! x

tisjoje 2364 days ago

Shit got a craving for one now grrr xxx

gemdotcomx 2364 days ago

I would really like one of these t-shirts. Wear it with pride Mr Fry!

Quarrell1971 2364 days ago

I suppose it is hard to have a gay old time on your own

LindaInnes 2364 days ago

You really must wear it to go clubbing- even if it is gentlemen's clubbing.

TheStarChilde 2364 days ago

Love 'em!

gwynethwink 2364 days ago

Never met a calorie I didn't like x

melhartigan 2364 days ago

Sadly our Aussie gov prefers your gaytimes on their own - and certainly not as a married couple.

YBlaiddDrwg 2364 days ago

Gotta love a Gaytime! ;D

SammiMD 2364 days ago

Yes, much fun to be had with this, both eating and teasing those who ask you to go get them one :D

vesiheinikki 2364 days ago

i do believe i must order one of these

sandysphone 2364 days ago

My favourite. Yum!

vpfrends 2364 days ago

Is the t shirt actually yellow or is it the picture? I'm wondering about yellow bedsheets... enjoy!

becky_taylor 2364 days ago

is it like a Feast?

malcolmdixon 2364 days ago

that could only happen in Australia.... brilliant branding........

Sophieanna 2364 days ago

That is just classic!