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Starting the day with a sail and a piece about nautical language:

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2368 days ago

Starting the day with a sail and a piece about nautical language:


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Roseamunde 2364 days ago

...I will be doing the same later this morning...

CaronLJSBrady 2367 days ago

Pretty as a picture!

Valenka 2368 days ago

"Jump into my mouth if you want to live" XD

MBittersweet 2368 days ago

Ahoy! The word "starboard" comes from the Swedish word "Styrbord" which dates back to the viking days. And that's about all I know....

PROLETI 2368 days ago

Did you happen to see Nemo's dad around those sail boats?

cabe_bedlam 2368 days ago

I suspect more Captain Shakespeare than Sparrow, chase that lightning Stephen.

hiscoresboards 2368 days ago

The legend of Captain Jack Sparrow lives on.....

NylaDavison 2368 days ago

This looks absolutely lovely.

KarenCooper_ 2368 days ago

Those boats look so tightly packed there's no room to swing a cat... :) Look forward to seeing it x

Brandon2406 2368 days ago

Lovely scenery Steph... :)

tinaneumann 2368 days ago

Hey Ho and up she rises...what a way to start the day! Your piece is bound to be exceptional!

LouiseTiniswood 2368 days ago

Splice the mainbrace, cast off f'ward and let go aft. *hums Captain Pugwash theme tune*

meishan68 2368 days ago

Do you mean like port, starboard, aft, stern, or what sailors say when they have been on the rum!!!

brycemain 2368 days ago

One hopes the language doesn't shiver your timber too much!

happydorkgirl 2368 days ago

Lovely on both counts!

reganmcnichol 2368 days ago

Is that present-day nautical language or way back in the day language?

mayajewell 2368 days ago


KChavda 2368 days ago

Naut. language! U mean "Ahoy, me matey" & "Argh me hearty"! Kidding! Can't wait 2c whts cookin'! xo

neirds 2368 days ago

It's a tough life Mr Fry.