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Now this is sailing -

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2401 days ago

Now this is sailing -


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Roseamunde 2397 days ago


Dineke_vd_Hoek 2400 days ago

Great picture :)

sebastianflyte 2400 days ago

how beautiful :)

TheStarChilde 2400 days ago

Now THAT is stunning!

voadan 2400 days ago

What a way to start the day, love sailing and Sydney, say hi to them for me ;-)

foreverkimchi 2401 days ago

Thanks for the wonderful picture! I'd love to visit there someday... :)

joe_payne 2401 days ago

Look left. I was waving :-p

SammiMD 2401 days ago

Pity you missed the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race. That was UBER fun! :)

Bloody_Suzy 2401 days ago

Im touring oz soon i cant wait!

StevConnor 2401 days ago

And here I am stuck in Darlington listening to Tannhäuser at 2 in the morning.

MyKdsRllyEatThs 2401 days ago

I just climbed to the top of the bridge in Feb! Try it--fantastic and much easier than expected.

thustone 2401 days ago

I should(?) ooh + aah [with a happy smile across my face], but all I am thinking is that it looks cold. :-)

chinkchick 2401 days ago

Now that's a weird lookin' sky-fog-thing.

Jade48 2401 days ago

That is just a beautiful view. The bridge looks spooky with the mist/fog over half of it. Enjoy your trip.

diddleysquat 2401 days ago

Show off!! xx

IanBHunter 2401 days ago

*Phut* Well, it's hardly Tooting now is it.

tunoosha 2401 days ago

Glad you are enjoying Sydney, Stephen. I am so lucky to live here. There is a great view of Sydney at North Head National Park (near Manly).

kai_omfg_miller 2401 days ago

beautiful view... you're lucky aren't you lol

hiscoresboards 2401 days ago

Give me a bridge and an opera house to sail me by.......

martinquibell 2401 days ago

absolutely stunning.