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And Hipstamatic style ...

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2465 days ago

And Hipstamatic style ...


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Kamikaetzchen_ 2427 days ago

looks like Diana or Holga...

JudithAHyneman 2459 days ago

It's something that will always remind me of the place I love

anna_nikolenko 2464 days ago

Phenomenal colours..

MacGrip 2465 days ago

Lovely!!! Wish I could be there!

1104Mary 2465 days ago

ah ha. used 2 live next 2 that. actually been in and watched a view shows myself. u should 2!

stufish4040 2465 days ago

Really nice photo. It looks like a Polaroid . . .is it ? Lovely warm softness to the colours - typical of Polaroid. Great sky, with the white on the right & the dark blue on the left. What a life you do lead ;]

second_serve 2465 days ago

That is stunning. Better than a postcard.

DrMelifaro 2465 days ago


rankinb9 2465 days ago

Years of digital camera development and we go back to this retro reproduction! Lovely shot though.

CaronLJSBrady 2465 days ago

I want an I Phone too!

Mo0dFo0d 2465 days ago

Nice shot

Eithne13_1_1 2465 days ago


psykitty 2465 days ago

You know, authentic Holgas are highly affordable.

PatraSukhon 2465 days ago

no digital slr or high end camera now-a-days can quite capture that same nostalgic and sentimental feeling from old film camera's, however, I suspect this is the iphone Hipstamatic style...

sbraithwaite 2465 days ago

sorry to say that I don't even look out of the window when traveling to work everyday over 'that' nearby bridge......PS. thought you'd rather be at the #AppleStore today for the #iPhone4 launch

evandently 2465 days ago

Glad you like our town, but give us more warning next time and we'll clean off those bigbastard danish barnacles ... heyoop

SidFudd 2465 days ago

Wow, so like a Sasek drawing...

martinquibell 2465 days ago

a fantastic shot

bluesshoe 2465 days ago

#hipstamatic is a really cool app :o)

schmidtbuster 2465 days ago

Spent two days in Sydney to see Stephen at the Opera House, rained all the time. I leave, now nice.