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Running around leaving scars, collecting my jar of hearts and tearing love apart...

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1537 days ago


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leticiaguima 1192 days ago

I see Minerva McGonagall lol

Helena_S100 1366 days ago

if ur me, then u see dis kitty as both

playlandi 1369 days ago

I see it as a kitty, just that.

DeadAlley 1384 days ago

how about ozzy osbourne?

MN411 1431 days ago


TiffanyIsLove 1477 days ago

I see it as Elton John.... FML

ms8emmi8random 1479 days ago

...I saw it as both...

Riku930 1488 days ago

I saw it as Elton John

lyricwriter 1502 days ago


What if you see both plus McGonnagal?!

m4deyemoody 1505 days ago

MwahMiley 1508 days ago

I see it as Proffessor McGonnagal.

HausOfTriLO 1508 days ago

lol i just see a cat :L

SammySilker11 1509 days ago

Is it bad that Im under 40 and I see John Lennon? Cuz hes like my favorite person ever...

AirRaids_ 1510 days ago

I see my father...reading the morning paper! -.-

randomattitude 1510 days ago

im 15 and i saw john lennon until i read the bottom writing

bbree35 1510 days ago

I saw this as a cat with glasses. Because that's what it is.. Those of you who are saying "I'm 16 and I saw John Lennon ^-^" and shit, you only saw John Lennon because it said his name, and you want to feel important. GET A LIFE.

NoiselessChaos 1510 days ago

I'm 16 and I see John Lennon

finalcountdown_ 1511 days ago

what the fuck, i see both!

TheFlacGuy_11 1511 days ago

I See It As An Old man!...

InWithTheOutro 1511 days ago

I'm 13 and I saw John Lennon. ^_^