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Someone doesn't live in the #realworld. Her world is a scary, disturbing place. What. The. Hell?!?!?!?

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2386 days ago

Someone doesn't live in the #realworld. Her world is a scary, disturbing place. What. The. Hell?!?!?!?


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BananaCraker 1982 days ago

My friend has a Edward cutout like that. She uses it to scare her dog.

jezMider 1989 days ago

she must be a total fanatic.. and I mean totally!

lePetitNata 1992 days ago

This woman is a freak

CdannahRW_81 1992 days ago

have Bellatrix just blow her whole house up. since he's not really a vamp, fire will do it.

CdannahRW_81 1992 days ago

OMG. i hate twilight. she should bleed....hard. actually, just be quick and get rid of her

i__love__rob 1992 days ago

one crazyy shit ass ladyy i mean i like twilight n evrythng butt WTF

lejoyssst 1994 days ago

Totally agree >:D

Annalisie8 1994 days ago

fk sake

HPFangirl71 1994 days ago

And I thought I had alot of Twi-stuff... I'm totally jealous!! LOL

CaseyBolton29 1995 days ago

Holy ****!!!

denisevanwijk 1995 days ago

... Is this what happens after you've got killed by Voldy?? Poor Sparkly Edward...

denisevanwijk 1995 days ago

Normally I hate Mr. Sparkle, but now I feel sorry for poor Edward..

aer4298 1995 days ago

this is probably the most disturbing twilight picture ever. and that is saying something

audacious_lass 1996 days ago

I think you have posted this before? But seriously this twimom is super creepy!

Sophie_rules 1996 days ago

0o0 holy shit that bitch is nuts

adamwhatchurch 1996 days ago

If you put emma watson instead of a muggle blood sucking fag this would be awesome.. Rip dumble

myhauntedhouse 1996 days ago

OK I understand a teenage girl being that obsessed, but a grown woman??? Get a life lady!

yume_no_nikki 1996 days ago

If you replaced all of that with JE stuff, I'd love it xD. Proud hyphen.

defiantaichi 1996 days ago

This is like .... So weird I mean loOk at her skirt!!
She should be banished from this land of innocent human beings living in peace andharmony, devoid of such madness

vans6238 1996 days ago

My eyes! My eyes!