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We too are troubled by the video. We are investigating this matter and will take action once we have the full story

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2450 days ago

We too are troubled by the video. We are investigating this matter and will take action once we have the full story


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mikaterajima 2448 days ago

This is disgusting. I would sue the hell out of F21 for this. He wasnt even fighting the guy.

amberescent 2449 days ago

i hope the men who choked him like that and anyone else involved are sued.

TotesMiGoats 2449 days ago

He was shoplifting. Unnecessary force? Yes. Unfortunate? Yes. But this guy isn't innocent.

rebeccahxo 2449 days ago

Am I the only one who isn't able to see this video?

2Laure 2449 days ago

The security goons' behavior is inexcusable, and ultimately reflects on XXI. I won't shop at F21 stores anymore.

leslaie 2449 days ago

That is disturbing. Although those security workers are responsible for their actions, as hired workers of F21 their actions reflect on that of the store and therefore does affect your/F21's accountability.

arielramos20 2450 days ago

what happened??

cecilsaxon 2450 days ago

This was so disgusting it about brought me to tears. It was like watching someone kicking a puppy.

richard_toronto 2450 days ago

Absolutely disgusting. Do the right thing, Forever21, all those involved should be fired. Now.

fersherr 2450 days ago

Wow, I can't even believe that really happened. That was so uncalled for&I feel really bad for those two men. Sure, it's not the stores fault- but can't say it put a positive look on it either.

Digital504 2450 days ago

Unbelievable, I kills me to watch his friend who is also clearly deaf trying to tell the other guard he can't hear

Pshles 2450 days ago

They are given training. Whether they listen is the employee's fault. Not the store's fault.

itsmarlette 2450 days ago

that video is really disturbing :(

JustLikeMercury 2450 days ago

the choke hold in unnecessary no matter what the situation esp when he was tapping out, asshats

annie_ANTHRAX 2450 days ago

so you do condone some physical force? watch how you word things XXI...

sseng 2450 days ago

i'm disgusted by the excess force used by the security guard.

BriannaHerreraX 2450 days ago

what video?

krstee 2450 days ago

Seriously??? Maybe some of your employees skipped the day of training for proper use of force?

NyMPhObrAiniac2 2450 days ago

ahahahaha ou have to be a true idiot to do that ahahaha i mean come on the guy was deaf wtf....