The Dark Lord


Running around leaving scars, collecting my jar of hearts and tearing love apart...

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This picture speaks for itself. #youdonthave a life.

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1442 days ago

This picture speaks for itself. #youdonthave a life.


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blofeldw 1039 days ago

crucio, CRUCIO, crucio.......Avada KADAVRA....(HaHahAhaHAHAHHAHA!!!!)..."MORSMORDRE!"

frogBISCUITS 1049 days ago

That still doesn't detract from a very obvious fact: this is the epitome of sad right here.

IzzyMCullen 1050 days ago

Before you start taking the piss, I know both these girls. It was a publicity shot while we were waiting for the Eclipse premier last year. Both these girls have lives and work. Once again, PUBLICITY SHOT.

CaseyBolton29 1050 days ago

God help them!

Joick_IP_first 1050 days ago

>.> Avada Kedavra.

hooleyyyy 1051 days ago

Avada kedavra x87436547358935754794694764

AshlynMasaky 1051 days ago

This sad but true

Estefanyrocks 1051 days ago

haha so true

galacticmeanne 1051 days ago


makisant97 1051 days ago

omg .. this is awful ..

NiallersHair 1051 days ago

Tiny bit sad

diruparadise 1051 days ago

So wrong. -shakes head- Just wrong.

ThePad153 1051 days ago

Avada motherfucking kedavra. x 2.

MrsMalfoy27 1051 days ago

omg.i think im gonna kill myself.or all the twilight fans >:)

marcocamotes 1051 days ago

Jajajajajajajajaja #verga pobreess pobreess

SnJP 1051 days ago


lysana 1051 days ago

Oh, the historical awareness fail is huge with these.

audacious_lass 1051 days ago

lol what challenge?

SoyElCapitan55 1051 days ago

This makes me sad in ways I never knew I could be sad. A true train wreck tragedy. #lordhelpme

ShainaWireeee 1051 days ago

zomg..i might vom.