The Dark Lord


Running around leaving scars, collecting my jar of hearts and tearing love apart...

Both a great question and a prime example of #conversationkillers

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2230 days ago

Both a great question and a prime example of #conversationkillers


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CrislyJonas 1861 days ago


Romana_Of_Time 2003 days ago

O.o is that in that pic Oooh if it is hes a spanklingness!

HiQuirkyAlice 2022 days ago

Mean Girls quote!

happeninrashi 2022 days ago

Love this one! :D

Bealtaine6 2024 days ago

Hahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa love

rafLN94 2033 days ago

Bad Sevy. =))

nancylewis96 2033 days ago

i just died soo hard. i'm a twi-hard forever, but not afraid to laugh at myself.

nakusoy 2033 days ago


jingjanbu 2033 days ago


GabyMoralesR_ 2033 days ago

hahahah nice one ;)

Lotte_Music 2033 days ago

x'D hahaha LOL.

Tsehaye_ 2033 days ago

LMSAO Ha#ILuvSnape

pcssrmc4ever 2033 days ago

He sparkles so you know where to aim & all fruits sparkle when they want to be seen.

RACHELTS3NG 2033 days ago

HAHAA, made my day. this is amazing.

hasnadesu 2033 days ago

Oh God LOL I like it...

itsmebobd 2033 days ago

SO effing lame. Really, underworld was cool, this stuff is gayer than daniel tosh

taryeah 2033 days ago

AngeIicaMaria 2033 days ago

LOL i love itt

JaneLane_ 2033 days ago

Awesome! I love it!

AndreySanchon 2033 days ago

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... #euri