The Dark Lord


Running around leaving scars, collecting my jar of hearts and tearing love apart...

When you let things get this far, it is #time2quit life.

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2342 days ago

When you let things get this far, it is #time2quit life.


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SimplyErudite 2011 days ago

i don't know what's more disgusting, her chubby back or the tattoo >.<

JohnnyDeppsluv 2037 days ago

no, it should b James, Lupin, and Sirius... twilight is just...BLAAA!!!!!

The1DGaang 2039 days ago

like seriously, fix your fat, then come and discuss puttin a twilight tattoo

GabrieelaBLumen 2050 days ago

D; thats is just.. STUPID! come on people i Like Twilight movies but come on thats way too much

JoeV2689 2050 days ago

I think I'll go hang myself now.

SincerelyAmused 2051 days ago

ahhhh holy eff thats some scary s***

Cazedmunds 2054 days ago


KatteyCatt 2055 days ago

Well, at least it's on her back, so she doesn't have to regret EACH time she looks in the mirror

BananaCraker 2055 days ago

uhh... i think thats going a bit too far...

DhanyaNarasimha 2055 days ago

OMG -__- Can't we just Avada Kedavra the whole lot of them -_-*

Pxnki 2055 days ago

Wow her teeth are yellow

Princess_Meilyn 2055 days ago

This is proof that the world is indeed coming to an end.... lets pray

purrrah 2056 days ago

Oh.Dear.Lord. What the hell was she thinking? She must've had to have been extrememly hammered...

CBAssassin 2056 days ago

I don't know, I'm kinda feelin' the dolphin there.
Makes the whole thing majestic.

tayray69 2056 days ago


AshleeyyMarie 2056 days ago

yum, I'd tap that.

YasChaher 2056 days ago

OMG it is a mad, mad world... let's pray for her

OhMyEmWatson 2056 days ago


Labeibah 2056 days ago

maybe its washable? hopefully?

its_erika_lol 2056 days ago

LOOOOOOOOOOL!!! it was #time2quit life years ago! o.o