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Running around leaving scars, collecting my jar of hearts and tearing love apart...

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#youknowwhatsannoying this. It's both annoying and sad. Pathetic sad.

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1469 days ago

#youknowwhatsannoying this. It's both annoying and sad. Pathetic sad.


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SabrinaStyles14 1041 days ago

The blond looks like someone i know. -_- *sigh* wouldn't surprise me is it was her.

CaseyBolton29 1070 days ago

Haven't seen anything more idiotic than THIS!!

SincerelyAmused 1071 days ago

holy-mother-of-twilight is that jacobs mom? eww how pathetic

SincerelyAmused 1071 days ago

these are the people i hold responsible for giving a painful birth to twilight, look there's the mothers to blame for edward & bella what tramps oops i mean vamps

ArtL0v3r 1073 days ago

ewwww :P
this is bad...

SimplyErudite 1074 days ago

She needs to sort out her priorities...

migszx 1074 days ago

very very sad tsk tsk

miki__tan 1074 days ago

very sad....

ChuggMunchies 1074 days ago

Avada Kadavra

foolhoper 1075 days ago

You ought to know I feel very depressed after I saw this..

foolhoper 1075 days ago


Dancetil12am 1075 days ago

OMG I think one of them may have been my 8th grade teacher!!!! Oh dear!!!!

audacious_lass 1075 days ago

howcome you post the same pictures again and again tho huh?

audacious_lass 1075 days ago


chelsina_mina 1075 days ago

probably lazy bitch ass house wives who make their pool boy pretend to be jacob or some shit :l

bEaStklg 1075 days ago

If these we're guys they'd have to be registered as sex offenders...

afterglow234 1075 days ago

The one that gets me is the one with her hand over her face crying. Why is she in hysterics?

Blackbunneh 1075 days ago

I much rather be an orphan !!!

jbfan1lady 1075 days ago

Hahahah LOL

algutmo 1075 days ago

this is HORRIBLE!!!!! LOL pathetic >.<