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2416 days ago


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Resgerr 2333 days ago

Already got your book and read it Stephen.

gracie_bebz 2333 days ago

i'd buy Stephen's book over tony blair's any day. in fact i've read stephen's book.

ellandrd 2416 days ago

Perhaps it's because you've discounted yours by more than he has discounted his?

Bistmath 2416 days ago

still reading your books in order. I'm up to making history! sorry it'll be a while.

taximan101 2416 days ago

Very well done can't wait to read it!

ourmaninberlin 2416 days ago

national treasure vs (inter)national ****.

Koil_Verwood 2416 days ago

I believe they should name the laugh that starts with a smirk after you Stephen, you radiate it!

NeilStringer 2416 days ago

Reckon Blair’s buying up his own book to send to folk for Christmas. Only reasonable explanation.

Fryphile 2416 days ago


cmac2020 2416 days ago

Started reading Stephen's Fry-up, and it's wonderfully addictive,funny,and scarily familiar in places, especially the "schooling years!" More sugar please, I need to numb the pain.CJ

Azakajam 2416 days ago

Can't wait to read your book! Going to read it after finishing "Moab is my washpot" :)

dinstar 2416 days ago

This is Sparta!

TobbeJ 2416 days ago

Nice!! And you sell better than that rather dull Swedish crim writer Larsson. That's awesome!!

pgfparsons 2416 days ago

A liitle unfair, methinks, as you are being ranked against at least one work of fiction....

franosch 2416 days ago

Way to go, Sir Stephen. And, quoting Stefing here, "You're nicely positioned to crap on Blair's head." :-)

Sammy_JRiver 2416 days ago

This makes me very happy! Well done Sir!!

inckognito 2416 days ago

Excellent! Outstanding! Well-done! xxx

Stefing 2416 days ago

You're nicely positioned to crap on Blair's head.

lauriedudley 2416 days ago

Sucks to be a warmonger.