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Mum. Me and "chico" my new homey from the joint. I've been joined his "club". Send condoms.

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2073 days ago

Mum. Me and "chico" my new homey from the joint. I've been joined his "club". Send condoms.


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PaaoCampoos 2029 days ago

Why "send condoms " ? who's the other arm ?

AccioAmberx 2058 days ago

wow. that Jessica person needs to get a life. I love you Russell, you guys are cute together :)

HannaGPlum 2058 days ago

jessicaLoveyoKP: have your own life and let others have their own (:

miss_azzi 2066 days ago

hmmm someone needs to work on the tan lol

esellis 2068 days ago

Click on her profile and report her as spam :)

littlemisspow 2068 days ago

Jessica lovez kp you're really starting to get on my wick! Shut your pie hole, you haven't even got the imagination to come up with new insults you just re-post. What I want to know is what's wrong with a shitty arse cock, probably more cock than you've h

brianbry 2069 days ago

omg. This jessica person has obviously never met russell...cheer up...leave them alone they're happy, a wonderful couple.

its_funky_me 2069 days ago

its written ANUGACHATU PRAVAHAM !!! its hindi.... bt y have u tattood it?? i didnt get it....!!!

LizzieLisa 2069 days ago

Is this Jessica girl for fucking real? She reminds me of the stalkers on Criminal Minds. Get a life or gtfo

what_isnt_taken 2070 days ago

Im really confused :L whats this photo of? x x x

MrLuvanutha 2070 days ago

Russell have you humiliated this bird jessica's heamorroid hatch or sumink? Sounds like her back door got caved clean in and you were the man responsible.. at an earlier date ofcourse...:D bahahahahahhahahahahahahahha LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

WhiplashGrrrl 2071 days ago

Jessica, you do NOT know him or Katy. Shut up and mind your own business. Get a life while you're at it.

DeAnneHolliday 2071 days ago

People! The butterfly arm is Russell's and the bulging bicep is Chico, the tattoo artist. Sheesh! LOL

mushroommuch 2071 days ago

the big hand is russell'? cool :D but, is that katy's ... ? :/

EchelonJozy 2071 days ago

Cute,but do not turn your back or bend over in the showers lol

KyleyL 2071 days ago

i tink you need t give your head a serious wobble your obviously very disturbed!

Crazyozzie 2072 days ago

looks like limegreen and tangerine to me.

Pink_Fan24 2072 days ago

ur a sexy fucker :)

___salsagirl 2072 days ago

Not 'Chico' the ...?

russbiggestfan 2072 days ago

Grez94 i think ur right or mabie she just is one