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2381 days ago


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Tzpi 2043 days ago

Eiffling Hell!

Marshmallowhail 2110 days ago

If people put the letters the right way round it would have never come to this. :{

Art_Bristow 2318 days ago

I once worked in a bar, where the staff room wall held the notice reminding staff that cigarettes must be 'distinguished' before leaving the room.

brianisapanda 2378 days ago

Oh dear! Rightly put, Mr Fry! No shame in one's spelling ability... but there's no need for that.

meanon_uk 2378 days ago

No Triffle

meanon_uk 2378 days ago


Emjay9297 2381 days ago

Bad spellers of the world - untie!

_Poppysox_ 2381 days ago

:Oo Oh my word, how truly Eiffle !!

ermintrude 2381 days ago

A Treiffel disappointed I got here before the offer...

@ Rolo_Tamasi - 'Everyone knows its "I before E"'- Now you've blown my mind- should one have "Ieffel Tower", or "Ceifell Tower"..?

AnnPettus 2381 days ago

And anyway, Seattle's own Space Needal is way better, the top spins around and you can see 365 degrees.

Musinfumie 2381 days ago

Dumbasses! Everybody knows that's the Tower of Pizza, which is in Italy.

mypetshadow 2381 days ago

How awfle.

StLouisMan2 2381 days ago

It's all been said by the other Commenters.

DarEladra 2381 days ago

Bugger, I only found out there was a spelling mistake now you've all metion it and I'm still not sure what word was wrong?

flimbo57 2381 days ago

A restaurant where I worked purposely made spelling mistakes on their special boards. The number of times the error was pointed out was an indication of the amount of people looking at the boards.

WhatIsASpacebar 2381 days ago

Well you know how much the French like using 'le'. Love the way you glove slap the world for spelling's honour

JulianMHall 2381 days ago

I use a smell chucker to avoid all those embarrassing smelling pistakes :)

TomDark9 2381 days ago

Still... they'll always have Parris.

sirmikeuk 2381 days ago

what a lode of piffel

MarijeVanW 2381 days ago

Eiffle looks so much more French than Eiffel - I'm sure they just wanted to Frenchify the spelling.