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2412 days ago

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hiscoresboards 2329 days ago

That's an interesting Tweet Cycle......

Arukudyjo 2358 days ago

Stephen, just stopped by to say you're brilliant. That is all. : )

juliathemiller 2411 days ago

As winter is coming and its raining please could you create a tweet sun!

dayglodancer 2411 days ago

What a wonderful idea cos we all know every cloud has a silver lining but yours is golden!

Fromagerian 2411 days ago

Sorry is too big. Stop apologising to the tweet monkeys!

juggermoo 2411 days ago

I thought at one point it said 'audioboob'. I am disappointed at it merely being 'audioboo' :(

jimbo686 2411 days ago

How we should consider others, your thoughts have got me thinking in a positive way stephen, thanks

eternaltourist 2411 days ago

Hall. Albert Hall. Hope it will be out on DVD.

Grace_Bliss 2412 days ago

Nice cloud :)

KathrynBacon 2412 days ago

A cloud that's filled with emotion and an awareness of the world. A turbulent, beautiful cloud. :-) This mini-app is fun, brightened up my early morning.

rosemaryvan 2412 days ago

Aw :) It is not surprising that 'thanks' is #1, because you are so lovely & polite!

suzi_73 2412 days ago

Hopeful Considerate adventurous......that's what else you should have put. Good for the soul to leave positive comments for yourself. We do it so little x

nochenoire 2412 days ago

Lovely-Stephen-answer-twitter-world-people-tomorrow-Little-time-sorry. Or... happy-little-stephen-haha. :D Fun game, this!

Oneoliner 2412 days ago

You have a horrible cloud personality, it feels so insincere. Still i'd might make a great book: "Stephen Fry's Autobiocloud".

meljgoode 2412 days ago

What a wonderful, happy, positive cloud! It brightened me up reading it. Tho why is Norwich so small?