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My view.

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2364 days ago

My view.


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ThisisErinBlair 2359 days ago

Blackout in Cabo! Nothing to see here people,move along.

goldenhair_Mn 2359 days ago

Can't see anything...??

mb20lvr 2363 days ago

This is one awsome view? :)

BooneytunesMB20 2363 days ago

U removed the pic? Does that mean "no I don't want you to put my feet on your wall"? right?

helBENT4heather 2363 days ago

nice view lol;) You should definitely keep that to yourself- you two sweethearts have fun!

mitchboxx 2363 days ago

Yeah, the picture was there earlier yesterday but now it is gone.

AngieG55 2363 days ago

I don't see anything here??!!

AFaceInTh_Crowd 2363 days ago

Can't see your pic. =( They must have taken it off bc you were showing too much skin.

Aprillfools 2363 days ago

where is it?????

Humble520 2363 days ago

So what's up? why are some people seeing the pic and some not??? How bout another pic?

Yumemisama 2363 days ago

Broken link. Pity; the view from MY window right now looks like the Rainpocalypse, and I'm not that far from Baja California, climactically-speaking.

Chumber252 2363 days ago

it doesn't work...

sashmb20 2363 days ago

I can't see it :(

mb20lvr 2363 days ago

cant see the pic?

BooneytunesMB20 2363 days ago

Hey Rt, PLEASE let me print and hang your view in my house. I won't ID the feet LOL

INAMP 2364 days ago


BooneytunesMB20 2364 days ago

I'm relaxed from just looking at this picture. Beautiful. Enjoy!

Leslie_Roses 2364 days ago

Ok I am jealous....... That is a beautiful view......

sassymouthphoto 2364 days ago

Is that your friggen foot. Nice view.

crestsofwaves 2364 days ago

nice :P