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My friend Kai Krause's Africa map updated. It's for an map exhibish

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1378 days ago

My friend Kai Krause's Africa map updated. It's for an map exhibish


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art_cartoonist 1269 days ago

I'm interested in creating educational maps for you:) Have a look at

hiscoresboards 1318 days ago

Well I'm glad to see that Australia never made it in there...

glynes 1320 days ago

Does put things into perspective, doesn't it? But to be fair, "Africa" is not all one country.

Badd_moon 1365 days ago

dont' forget to add Russia here=)

N0RDEST 1377 days ago

All with kennethfield !
This map compares things that are not comparable (continent/countries) + makes you think Africa is a country. This is BAD MAPPING !

kennethfield 1378 days ago

this is still SO WRONG. at least I can use it in my carto class as an example of ignorant arrogant carto crap perpetuated for the masses

dzhinn 1378 days ago

Great. Better than the previous one, but I still want to see Russia in Africa)

JaimieAlice 1378 days ago

I saw this the other day and found it truly amazing!

Irishmarinelife 1378 days ago

Kai Krause: The Republic of Ireland is not part of the UK!! You need to revise your own 'mappancy' skills!

Brrowncow 1378 days ago

Amazing! Thanks

andysmith1960 1378 days ago

We look like a little small island in the grand scheme of things this way. Yet I bet we get hammered financially more in the way of carbon taxes than some of those rather large countries do.

jimtheismann 1378 days ago

Africa is about the same size as the dicks Stephen likes in his butt.

cjjmccray 1378 days ago

LH list: USA, China... RH list: ...China, USA... - wrong way round. Can you pass on to Kai Krause?

coaxel 1378 days ago