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1459 days ago


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kintoki_ 1428 days ago


irrepr_pinecone 1454 days ago

Age rating: 4+
Price: £399.99
What sort of four year old would have that much money?

Johnmhunt 1459 days ago

Must make sure I clear this from iTunes before my kids accidently buy it!

matsmithphotog 1459 days ago

Maybe it's not priced for the average audio geek, but I can see the appeal to newscorps.

dancraggs 1459 days ago

Ah wait, $50 for pro encoding for AAC. But still, that's not $400.

dancraggs 1459 days ago

"MP2,AAC, AAC-HE, AAC-HEV2,G711,G722,ULCC." MP2: as above. AAC, <$1/unit. G711/722: patents expired, if I recall. ULCC: Is that even a codec?

matsmithphotog 1459 days ago

You mean a live streaming pro portable recorder? Show me where!

matsmithphotog 1459 days ago

MP2 isn't the only codec! Oh, and RTP/UDP low latency streaming? Cool.

HeadStrongNLP 1459 days ago

Wowser indeed

dancraggs 1459 days ago

MP2? "For MPEG-2 Encoding Products in hardware or software, the royalty is US $2.50 from January 1, 2002 [..] for each encode unit"

niksargent 1459 days ago

shame it's overpriced - you can buy a pro portable recorder for 1/3 the price (with the hardware!)

matsmithphotog 1459 days ago

I don't think the price is excessive considering the licence fee for those codecs!

andrewmk 1459 days ago

I think "4+" is the age rating...

altabadger 1459 days ago

The fact that there are no ratings for it under "Customer Ratings" and yet it is somehow rated 4+ in the description disturbs me a little... Not to mention that yes, $400 is a bit excessive for an iPhone app.