Leonard Nimoy


Born in Boston.Went to Hollywood at 18. 16 years later cast as Spock in Star Trek http://t.co/xF7aMPrVzT

Fred Phillips. The genius behind the Spock makeup.   LLAP

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1532 days ago

Fred Phillips. The genius behind the Spock makeup. LLAP


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FabiBastos 1218 days ago

Thank you, Mr. Nimoy, for sharing this with us!! Spock is and always shall be my favorite character...ever!

Eddy1100101 1404 days ago

Spock!! You enspire me!

WhollSizzleU 1436 days ago

So, you had an everlasting impression on me as a child! I thought u to be mystical and magical!

mego73 1471 days ago

Fred's ears still look great in High Definition

Riddler1355 1512 days ago

Spocktacular!!! LLAP

DrumKingBob 1515 days ago

LOL!! I will cut my hear like this.

AndhoraSilveira 1515 days ago

He really is a genius! Spock is the best!

guerabella 1519 days ago

Although it was a time consuming process, you're both smiling. :D I love it!

osteoarch 1525 days ago

This photo is awesome! How long did it take to get the makeup applied?

PamelaEdwards39 1526 days ago

Mr. Phillips did a good job. What did you parents think of the Spock character?

kannbrown 1528 days ago

Love seeing the behind the scenes photos. Thank you! LLAP

JQsan 1529 days ago

In my childhood we never miss a single episode of Star Trek on tv. U&TeamST r geniuses in yr Time

floralfashions 1530 days ago

Your smiling, who said you have no emotions! ha, ha, thank you.

nicolasbustos 1530 days ago


beauregardclagh 1530 days ago

Spock showing emotion; Priceless!

Hailamonster 1531 days ago

I gotta have those eyebrows

Mei900105 1531 days ago


hjcruzer1 1531 days ago

amazing! This is a cool pic. it is so freaky how zachary looks so much like you! whoa...

TuesdayPainter 1531 days ago

Fantastic transformation! Did Mr. Phillips base Spock on any pre-existing character?

danicat58 1531 days ago

What a wonderful, wonderful picture! Thank you!!!