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natzefreaksout 2266 days ago

The read part means it's not suitable for children under 3 years. & I agree with , doesn't that work?!

recumbentrider2 2266 days ago

What ever you do don't feed it after dark................

aoi_ng 2267 days ago

Plus as an extra way of playing it, you can hold the bottle on its side and tap where the toy is, then it moves sideways :) Not sure if my explanations made sense haha, but these are what the product's website says :)

aoi_ng 2267 days ago

4. Adjust how strong you squeeze the bottle to make the toy stop moving.

aoi_ng 2267 days ago

2. Squeeze the bottle, then the toy starts going downwards. When it rises up from the bottom of the bottle, repeat squeezing and letting go so that the toy spins while moving upwards.

aoi_ng 2267 days ago

1. Fill a drink (plastic) bottle with water to the almost top. 2. Put the toy into it, and put a cap

foogel 2267 days ago

Shake it ...... shake it some more and then trow it out the window

PTsurfLA 2267 days ago

3. If you adjust the shaking/stop a certain way it'll stop in the middle. Enjoy!

PTsurfLA 2267 days ago

1. If you shake the bottle in the downard direction while the pet is on the upper part of the bottole, it will rapidly drop to the lower part. 2. If you shake&let go quicly and repeatedly, it'll spin around. 3. If you adjust the shaking/stop a certain

PTsurfLA 2267 days ago

Apparently, you put it in a clear plastic bottle and shake it different ways "swims" around and "dances".

ESK_SEZ1 2267 days ago

Time for google translate!

DazeieVaughn 2267 days ago

damn it, I used to be able to read a little Japanese.. but I forget :(

ConorDS 2267 days ago

Can we see the picture of the actual toy? i think i might know what it is!

JosvanderPas 2267 days ago

IROHAZAKA KAMIKAZA JAPAN only what you need!

DanielCake 2267 days ago

No idea what it says, but it looks hella awesome!